At the Workshop

Dear Amateurs!

   Let me say some words about this WebSite and it's author. I live in Sochi, at the Black Sea Coast of the Caucasus. I am fond of astronomy from school time. When I was eleven years old, I built my first telescope. It was a small refractor. I had renewed my hobby when I was 33 and when I already had a family and two sons. The 110-mm Newtonian is my first serious self made instrument and I built it during five years. Let you see some fotos of my scope. In the Russian version of this site there are some articles, wich I wrote and the bibliography of  the astronomy and ATM literature. I hope that my not large site will be interesting to your. Send me a message if you have a question or comment. My best wishes to you, clear sky!

Alexander Zencovich.

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