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110-mm  Newtonian  Telescope

   Shown here is my first self made instrument, which I designed and built from 1995 to 2001.  It is the 110-mm f / 7,3 Newtonian reflector on the German equatorial mounting. Your can see two versions of  the mounting and some fotos of details.  


110-mm Newtonian, 1-st version

Foto 1


110-mm Newtonian, 2-nd version

Foto 2



German mounting, two versions

Foto 3



Rear view of the 110-mm Newtonian

Foto 4



Mirror cells

Foto 5




Eyepiese mounting

Foto 6


Finder detail

Foto 7


Eyepieses and the Barlow lens

Foto 8

Stas and Henry with the scope

Foto 9


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